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MGH has been at the forefront of many scientific advances in treatments for depression.


Jonathan Alpert, MD, PhD

Dr. Jonathan Alpert is Director Emeritus of the DCRP, and co-founder and co-director of the MGH Depression and Anxiety Associates Group Practice.

Maurizio Fava, MD

Dr. Maurizio Fava founded the DCRP in 1990 and is now Director Emeritus.

David Mischoulon, MD, PhD

David Mischoulon is a Psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital, the Joyce R Tedlow Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, and the Director of the Depression Clinical and Research Program at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Andrew Nierenberg, MD

Dr. Andrew Nierenberg is the associate director of the DCRP and director of the Bipolar Clinical and Research Program.

Nhi-Ha Trinh, MD, MPH

Dr. Nhi-Ha Trinh, director of clinical services, also directs multicultural studies at the DCRP. 

Richard Bernard

Richard Bernard is the Administrative Research Coordinator at the DCRP.

Cayla O' Hair

Cayla O’Hair is the Program Coordinator for the DCRP.


Kate Bentley, PhD

Dr. Kate Bentley is a Clinical Psychologist at the DCRP and an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School. Her work is focused on self-injurious thoughts and behaviors and comorbid affective conditions.

Paolo Cassano, MD, PhD

Dr. Paolo Cassano is a staff psychiatrist at the DCRP and at the Center for Anxiety and Traumatic Stress Disorders (CATSD), and is a part-time assistant professor at Harvard Medical School. He is the director of photobiomodulation studies at the DCRP.

Trina Chang, MD, MPH

Dr. Chang is the director of community-based studies at the DCRP.

Cristina Cusin, MD

Dr. Cusin is the Director of Translational Studies in Depression at MGH and is Assistant Professor in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

Amy Farabaugh, PhD

Dr. Farabaugh is the director of psychotherapy research at the DCRP and is an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School.

Lauren Fisher, PhD

Dr. Lauren Fisher is a clinical psychologist at the DCRP, an Assistant in Psychology at MGH, and an Instructor at Harvard Medical School.

Felipe Jain, MD

Dr. Felipe Jain is a Psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital and a Member of the Faculty at Harvard Medical School and the Director of Healthy Aging Studies at the DCRP.

Maren Nyer, PhD

Dr. Maren Nyer is director of yoga studies at the DCRP.

Paola Pedrelli, PhD

Dr. Pedrelli is director of dual diagnoses studies at the DCRP, an assistant in psychology at MGH, and assistant professor at Harvard Medical School.


Albert Yeung, MD, ScD

Dr. Albert Yeung is director of primary care research at the DCRP and associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.